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Research Says Diabetes And ED Have A Genetic Link

About 30 million US adults are affected by erectile dysfunction. Smoking, obesity, old age, diabetes, chronic liver ailment and certain types of cardiovascular illnesses can predispose an individual to ED. The NIH says that people with type 2 diabetes are more prone to developing ED than those who don’t suffer from it. A new study, led by Prof. Anna Murray of University of Exeter Medical School in UK and Prof. Michael Holmes of Oxford University’s Nuffield Department of Population Health in UK as well, shows that ED and diabetes are linked and that ED is associated with particular genetic locations.

Murray and team conducted a somewhat genome-wide association research. Data from more than 220,000 men were examined. It was collected from 3 separate population cohorts—Partners HealthCare Biobank, UK Biobank and Tartu University’s Estonian Genome Center. 6,000 of them were seen to have experienced ED. Complex genetic analysis was used by the researchers to investigate the link between erectile dysfunction, body weight and diabetes.

Murray said that if people can reduce risks of development of type 2 diabetes by following healthier lifestyles, then they can avoid or lessen the risks of development of ED as well. Researchers also suggested that ED will not likely be a result of treatment of diabetes. Some clinical trials have however discovered that improvement of blood sugar control, which is part of treating diabetes, led to ED development. Murray further explains that ED, that affects 1 out of 5 men over 60-years-of-age, may be genetic. Jonas Bovijn commented that apart from observational proof relating type 2 diabetes to ED, no definitive evidence had existed to prove the same, up until now. Holmes said that these recent findings are of great relevance to the common people and that losing weight can achieve ‘remission’ from and prevent diabetes completely.

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