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Concerns Rose Over Space Force In Independent Study

During a study authorized by Congress, the independent analysts were requested to design a plan that will focus on establishing Space Force as a separate identity. The report was generated stating that the Center for Naval Analyses or CNA has already released a caution against the downsides of the proposal. Also, they mentioned there are endless ways to design a Space Force and unless they start with the designing, they will fail to understand the most appropriate design that will produce a beneficial outcome.

The analysts from the CNA have proposed to design a Space Force that will be accompanied with lean headquarters. However, the execution of the plan will need 400 additional employees along with resources like business systems, information technology, outfitting & rebranding, an expert suggestion from the private consultants, and training & education. This would further cost $4.5 billion over 5 years. This estimate is lower than the one proposed by Heather Wilson, the Air Force Secretary, back in September. She had proposed a cost of $13 billion over the period of 5 years for both the US Space Command and the Department of the Space Force.

CNA may also recommend segregating a specific department from the existing setups of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and the Office of the Secretary of Defense. As per the study, the Space Force must be centrally equipped with commercial space products apart from the services like satellite communications and imagery.

A major portion of the study released by CNA is classified whereas the executive summary is tagged as unclassified. However, some of the charts were censored.

CNA is expecting around 70 acquisition, development, and research programs to transfer to the Space Force that will enable it a budget authority worth $20 billion. However, CNA has also mentioned that the proposed system may reduce most of the disruptions; a minimum instability can be expected.

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