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Google Banned App That Monitored iPhone Employment

Google just banned a private iOS application that monitored consumers’ iPhone employment, after it was disclosed this week that the application breached Apple’s distribution rules in the same manner that usage-tracking Research app by Facebook did.

Dubbed as Screenwise Meter, the Android and iOS application offered consumers who chose Opinion Rewards program gift cards by Google in exchange for tracking their Internet employment info. The iOS edition of the application depended on enterprise program by Apple. This program lets the distribution of applications with special privileges to be employed only by a firm’s workers. The application has now been banned on iOS, although it is still accessible on Google’s Play Store.

A spokesperson of Google claimed to the media, “The Screenwise Meter app on iOS must not have worked under developer enterprise program by Apple. This was an error and we are sorry. We have banned this app on iOS machines.”

On a related note, Bullet Messenger, the Chinese chat app that is advertized as an upstart competitor to extremely popular WeChat from Tencent Holdings Ltd, earlier claimed that its app was banned from Apple’s App Store just months after its roll out. This is due to a patent complaint.

Bullet’s owner, Beijing Kuairu Technology, claimed in a social media post this week that it was obligated to remove the app after complaints were lodged about image content supplied by an associated. It was briefly the most installed free application for the App Store in China, gathering 5 Million registered consumers in not less than 10 Days of its August roll out.

The firm did not detailed on which part of the application the patent complaints were pointing to. “We are confirming the situation with our associate and will tell you shortly when download abilities will be resumed,” it claimed to the media in an interview.

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