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Google Developing Its G Suite Apps In Terms Of Appearance And Performance

Google has recently begun to roll out the Gmail app with a new design for iOS and Android. The new design is based on the “Material Theme” that has been offered over the web since April 2018.

The redesign comprises the use of a custom Google Sans font. The account switch option has also been shifted to the upper-right of the smartphone app, merged with the search bar. The search bar becomes the steering to manage Gmail now, comprising both the account switcher and the hamburger menu button. The “Floating Action Button” remains at the same position in the lower-right.

The redesign offers just a few new features including three variable spacing options between the emails: compact, default, and comfortable.

Even though the latest version of Gmail app provides surface attachments options, it uses old-fashioned Gmail grouping rather than a new Inbox, and it also does not sync Google Tasks.

A few weeks back, Google has made some changes in the Play Store layout, which focused on completely distinguishing apps and games from the other categories namely Books, Movies & TV, and Music. These remaining categories are now accessible from the left side menu.

Google has revealed that the upcoming Android OS Q would feature more secure facial recognition hardware support. Face recognition technology could influence the functionality of upcoming system level API.

During CES 2019, Google also confirmed the implementation of voice recognition feature too for limited and secure accession of the device through the lock screen. Still, the development of this feature is underway. The feature would be initially launched for Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL.

Google has removed dark mode feature for Google Assistant, which was introduced a week before only. As the voice search results for Google Assistant introduced black background filled cards with Night mode or battery saver enabled.

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