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Deepak Rupnar
Lead Editor

Deepak has extensive experience in the field of financial and business analysis and provides a comprehensive and accurate view of market trends. Deepak has practical skills in statistics and numbering, which makes him expertise in the field. He also participates in several surveys and important interviews with industry experts, professionals and various organizations. He is the true adherent of yoga and meditation, which makes him calm personality on the ground.

Email:  deepak.r@industrynewsstand.com

Phone: +91-927-052-3516

Hiren Sam
Sr. Editor & Writer

Hiren is an editor of the organization. Post a master's degree in science A pioneered as an innovative and autonomous entrepreneur. His desire to learn and discover makes him one of the inventive heads in the company. Hiren is a born narrator and an important source of enormous knowledge in the field of science and technology. Hiren is one of the creative personalities; He also works on creating recyclable products to reduce the impact on the environment.

Email: hiren.sam@industrynewsstand.com

Phone: +91-834-726-4716

Akash Gokhe
Writer & Author

After continuing his studies in engineering, Akash continued his innovations and gadgets exploration. He has several blogs in which he shows his experience and shares his findings with the world. It seems to be the most innovative personality on the floor. He is responsible for technological upgrades to the innovation column. He is the true runner on the road and likes to camp on mountain tops.

Email:  akash.g@industrynewsstand.com

Phone: +91-954-522-5127

Mrunal Ghime
Staff Writer & Reporter

He is one of the team's most talented heads on the floor. He has a master's degree in biology and has vast experience in health care and science. He contributes to the health section and is very competent in his work. He is the person known for his health-oriented approach and for promoting a good job by staying in shape with home remedies.

Email:  mrunal.g@industrynewsstand.com

Phone: +91-996-087-6728

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Deepak RupnarEmail: deepak.r@industrynewsstand.com | Phone: +91-927-052-3516

Hiren SamEmail: hiren.sam@industrynewsstand.com | Phone: +91-834-726-4716

Akash GokheEmail: akash.g@industrynewsstand.com | Phone: +91-954-522-5127

Mrunal GhimeEmail: mrunal.g@industrynewsstand.com | Phone: +91-996-087-6728

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