Arizona Troubled With High Fentanyl Deaths Resulting From Mexican Oxy

Arizona Troubled With High Fentanyl Deaths Resulting From Mexican Oxy

Mexican Oxy has become a fatal name in Arizona and other states surrounding Mexico due to its fentanyl content. Death due to intake of fentanyl has almost become thrice between 2015 and 2017 just in Arizona. Doug Coleman, special agent from the US Drug Enforcement Administration who is in charge of Arizona mentioned that in a period of 30 years, he has not seen fentanyl taking serious told on lives of people and their families. In fact, even the crisis which arose due to cocaine was not this bad.

Huge amounts of pills and powders from the shipments of fentanyl are sold throughout US. This drug has crossed the number of overdose deaths due to heroin in Arizona and become the top drug to have caused so many deaths. The drug has been the reason behind deaths of a 17 year old from Phoenix suburb, two 19 year old best friends, and a brilliant athlete from Prescott valley. Sheriff of Yavapai County, Lt. Nate Auvenshine said that taking the pills at parties are lot usual than they could ever imagine. Each of the pills contains ample amount of fentanyl for 3 people. Thus, having 1 pill and that leading to death is nothing very unbelievable.

The pills are marked with M on one side and 30 written on the opposite side to give the exact look of legal oxycodone. The pills have started to get common in Arizona in recent years. The fentanyl that had killed one of the victims was from a stolen box of 1000 pills. Last month, a truck was caught with 254 pounds of fentanyl covered with cucumbers to hide. The amount is enough to kill millions. Above 2 pounds was found in pills and mostly was in powder form. The amount was priced at $3.5 million.

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