Another Trade War In The Offing; This Time With India

Another Trade War In The Offing; This Time With India

The US is on the lookout of negotiating and putting an end to the trade war that had been raging with China, while there is tension rising with another economic giant. Wilbur Ross, the Secretary of Commerce in US, was scheduled to visit India this Thursday, to address a $125 billion trade relationship every year. The flight was cancelled due to an unsettling weather, technical problems and other logistic reasons according to a spokesperson in the Department of Commerce.

The US announced that they wish to secretly address the sessions and are grateful for the support extended by the Government of India. This continued partnership will strengthen the relationship between the two countries. Yet, due to this cancellation the unrest between New Delhi and Washington have increased proportions. At the same time President Trump announced his make in America programs which clashes with the make in India programs of the Modi government.

In the last few months Trump had reportedly slammed the duties imposed on US goods by India. These duties are mainly imposed on products like Harley Davidson Bikes and imported Whiskey. In a White House event the Trump government announced that India charges a proportional amount of tariff from America which is mostly unjustified. According to the Reuters the White House is preparing to pull the reigns by removing jewelry, electric motors and vehicle parts from an import duty free scheme, which it originally enjoyed. Dairy farmers and manufacturers in the US reported that, the tariffs imposed by India on their goods, is actively hampering business.

One of the major concerns of the American government was to reduce the trade deficit in the American economy. India had exported goods worth $50 billion while importing $30 billion, from the US market. This puts India under a scrutiny, while the polls in India are scheduled to give a game changing global outbreak.

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