Study Says, Advertisements Affect Browsing Speed

Study Says, Advertisements Affect Browsing Speed


Digital marketing and online advertising have become one of the most common methods of bringing a venture into the radar and increase its visibility. Posting ads on websites and web page applications is a common occurrence these days. However, doing so has some implications or downsides, the major one being that the loading speed of these web pages reduces considerably and may even cause a lag.

Patrick Hulce, a renowned developer did this research to check what caused a delay in the loading of websites and what codes took longer than normal to become fully visible. He found that more than 60% of the times, it was caused by the adverts that were placed and also programs that track user’s activity. The websites taken under consideration were close to 1 million and desktop, as well as mobile website versions, were considered. The code he sampled on them was written in JavaScript, a normal tactic taken up by developers to diagnose the problems with a site and keep the uptime as high as possible.

The results of the research were pretty conclusive. Mr. Patrick found that the JavaScript that was responsible for placing Google Ads and analyzed user clicks were the ones that caused the most delay. This is a significant result because most of the sites sampled had Google inserted ads in them. The delay is close to two-thirds of a second which is pretty long if you look at the overall context. There were some JavaScript ads that caused more delays but they were not given much importance because fewer sites used them. The worst offenders were the websites that had WordPress blogs inserted as ads written through WordAds script and caused a potential delay up to 2.5 seconds.

However, Hulce believes that the complete blame cannot be put on ads because slow network speeds and huge pages would automatically take longer to load. He also mentioned that ad-blockers we’re probably not a very good idea to effectively avoid ads as the algorithm they use to execute the function will automatically increase the site-loading site.

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