Investors in mutual funds may now use a self-service chatbot that CAMS has developed

Investors in mutual funds may now use a self-service chatbot that CAMS has developed

The mutual fund transfer agency, CAMS (Computer Age Management Services), announced this week the launch of “CAMServ,” a self-service chatbot for mutual fund investors. Customers who invest in mutual funds that are served by CAMS may expect a digital, real-time CX (Customer Experience), the first of its type in the industry, according to the business. In addition to financial activities related to mutual funds, non-financial transactions will be covered by CAMServ.

To help users update their contact information, get a real-time view of their various investments, update their bank account, make scheme-related modifications, start updating nominee details, order a variety of statements of accounts, and carry out financial transactions, CAMServ was launched on (the CAMS website). Real-time access to SIP information, Mutual Fund purchases, FATCA, Dividend, or KYC-related questions is also available.

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone has invested in a chatbot dubbed “Visit” that uses artificial intelligence and is based in Delhi. Students from BITS (Birla Institute of Technology and Science), Pilani, in Rajasthan, came up with this chatbot, which is now available.

AI-powered chatbot for health advice “Visit” was founded in 2016 by Vaibhav Singh; Anurag Prasad; Chetan Anand; and Shashvat Tripathi; and was launched in 2017.

“Visitors may communicate with the ‘Visit’ chatbot by exchanging certain signs with it. To gather more risk factors and symptoms, the bot uses appropriate inquiries (such as: is the person diabetic, hypertensive, or a smoker). In an interview with the media, Stone asserted that this triaging is low-stress and conversational. “Visit” intends to lessen the lack of physicians using AI to democratise healthcare.

“In India, there are about 2,000 patients waiting in line outside of clinics for each doctor. In a country with more than 200 million people affected by lifestyle concerns such as chronic diseases, stress, skin disorders, obesity, and more, access to adequate health advice is a catastrophic issue. This is where ‘Visit’s’ technological approach comes into play,” Stone asserted.

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